Some of the Fun Activities We’ll Be Doing This Summer in Ottawa

Ottawa Summer Camp Talent Show
Capture The Flag at an Ottawa Summer Camp
Ottawa Park Time at Ottawa Summer Camp
Summer Camp Lunch Time
Ottawa Karate Summer Camp Karate Training
Ottawa Summer Camp Jumping
  1. Chito-Ryu Karate

  2.   Self-Defense Training

  3. Swimming - General Burns

  4. Lunch in the park

  5. Mini-putt

  6. Capture the Flag

  7. Zen’s Got Talent Contest

  8. Tug-O-War

  9. Arts and Crafts

  10. Reptiles Rock!

  11. Outdoor Team Sports

  12. Experimental Farm Visit

  13. Strawberry Picking

  14. Bowling

  15. Hip Hop Dancing

Swimming at an Ottawa Summer Camp
Park Time at Ottawa Zen Summer Summer Camp
Reptile Rock Visits Zen Summer Camp
Karate Bag Kicking at Zen Summer Camp in Ottawa
Ottawa Summer Camp Arts and Crafts
Zen Summer Camp Logo