We Break Our Summer Camp Down Into Three Age Groups and Four Houses (Crane, Monkey, Snake and Tiger)

Ages 6-11 - Campers

have all the fun. They are well supervised by a trained Counselor with the help of our Assistant and Junior Counselors. The Zen Summer Camp environment allows children to take healthy challenges in a safe and nurturing environment.  In addition to all the games and fun we strive to help build healthy, confident, and independent children that develop lifelong friendships. Campers wear a light blue t-shirt.

Ages 12-13 - Junior Counselors

take part in all the summer camp activities in the same manner as the campers, but also serve as a junior leader to the camper. As the Camp Counselors' right-hand-person, they often assist the Counselors by helping to set up games and activities, acting as leaders in camp spirit and motivation and serving as a role model for the campers. Junior Counselors are identified by a navy blue t-shirt.

Ages 14 - Assistant Counselors

under the general supervision of the Camp Director and Summer Camp Counselors learn how to further develop leadership skills that can be used throughout their life. In addition to participating in the general activities of the camp, Assistant Counselors are also responsible for occasionally planning and implementing activities under the supervision of a Camp Counselor. The ideal candidate is someone with the ability to accept guidance and supervision; is motivated, embraces responsibility, and loves to engage with others. Assistant Counselor wear’s the same red t-shirt that our Counselors wear.

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All Campers, Junior Counselors and Assistant Counselors are assigned to a house on the morning of the first day of each week.  There are four houses; Crane, Monkey, Snake and tiger.  Points are awarded throughout the summer for team challenges, team and individual spirit and good behavior.  At the end of the summer camp the house with the most points is awarded the House Trophy. 

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